Frozen Mist

A Shard of Remains

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And so it was written...
Guided shall be those of suffering faith
A group of heroes like no other
All weakened through fear and hate.

Time shall redeem all those long remiss
Just another blend of power and sight
And heaven itself will bear witness to the horror
A tool of the insane, the last rule of light.

A plague conceived will call the oath
The goddess shall arise and give birth.

Let the shard of remains be shattered
And this evil within be weak and broken
Cleanse the mind so wicked and divine
Pour out your last breath left unspoken.

From lands afar the distant grey skies
Hope will arise once again my memory renewed
Upon the earth shall there walk the reborn
The past will be recalled so welcome our debut.

Drop the weapons, the machines that rust in peace
Blasphemy will spread the altars to disarm
Wicked atrocity rises again, this oath I reveal
The machines of light, thy heavens vanguard.


The eerie nights swarm, the clouds will start reigning
One shard of hope there will be, but no time is remaining!

In the core of all souls, this evil shall reside
One must strike the last blow, so this light will abide!

One chance shall be given for all that is unpure
The obstruction flares so that we may endure!
This shattered factory machines they will be free
Thy hope drowns upon them, their souls wither relief.

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