Into It. Over It.

Ashley's Big Adventure

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My head is full of explosives.
My mouth works hard on setting them off.
But you've diffused what I've got
in the front seat of a cross campus bus.

"hey, aren't you freezing?"
I know we look better under dressed.
It costs a lot to look this cheap, but you've already won me over, so let's go out to eat.

I'll flip a coin.
You make the plans.
I'll spring the 5 bucks for "Better Off Dead."

Sign me in with old identification.
Honestly, how does anyone get any studying done?

This building's like a factory.
With the noise outside your bedroom and your boyfriend's face in the frame staring back at me.

I can hardly sleep.
I can hardly sleep.

I'll flip a coin.
You make the plans.

Say it's on.
Say it ain't so
because you're not going anywhere and I'm going home.

Two mornings later
still hardly sleeping
now I'm running late for work.

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