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We'll meet in your final hour
A perfect moment to die
The contract is due-overdue
The only reason why
Fell the reapers presence
Waiting one step behind
Eternal dark - eternal light
Your sentence of death has been signed

Faster than a gust of wind
No time for you to repent
You cannot run, you cannot hide
The target is in my sights

Lords of shadows
Angels of death
Bringers of woe
Say your prayers
And take your final breath

Deadly vipers - silent killers
The trap in the dark you won't see
Your futile life is about to end
The horrors became reality
Masters of every weapon
Dwelling in secrecy
Pulling the trigger - the bullets will fly
Nailing down your destiny



Your hear footsteps coming near
Terrorized in the grip of fear
Contorted muscles - I'm ready to strike
Hunter and pray in the night
Your angel of death is on your back
Ready to attack



Autor(es): Paragon

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