As the Lasers Scream/Handful of Annihilation

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I hold annihilation, I grip it oh so close
Foolish intoxication, I almost had that hope
Is this your ever after, Your lonely lullaby
Your songs of burning laughter
All pain that's passed me by

And nothing is calling again
And nowhere's my only friend

Let darkness light the way
Through the shallow voices calling
All have dues to pay
And in the end, your sky is falling

The lust of sinful pleasure,
A burden we all share
And on your knees you cherish
A God that isn't there
We all are merely players
In this vast stage of life
False prophets and betrayers
Until the day we die

And no one is holding our hand
Make darkness your only friend

And let chaos light the way
Blindly walking where it guides you
The passing of the day
The silhouette of hell inside you

Serve in heaven, rule in hell my friend
I can see the blood of angels
Clot the sands of time
(Higher and Higher)
Moving forward through this deadly bend
I behold this ancient wonder
Appealing to my eyes
Burning me inside…

Foolish tempter this might be the end
I can see the tears of sadness
Wash away the lies
(Higher and Higher)
Soul assassin life is on the mend
I confess I love the torment
You've put me through in time.
It hurts me to confide

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