As The Magma Mammoth Rises

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Slumbering giant
In the safe embrace of mother earth
Warm nesting fetus
Til contractions introduce its birth
Awaiting dilation
Lens of millenia have past
Child of damnation
And devastation not to forecast
Denied malediction
Embedded kilometres down
Beneath the surface
About to rise from underground
Awakening sleeper
Escaping darkness and gloom
Emerging phoenix
Now behold the bringer of doom

Deep form the chamber
Comes an outburst
Of immense magnitude
Clear distant signal
Smoke columns reach high altitude
Broken the mantle

Under pressure great from within
Like a divine furnace
And the siege of the mammoth begins
Fire fountains on its colssal path
Out of the crater
Glowing fluid substances leak
Deafening thunder
Large trembling basalt plateau
Of epic proportions
Is the rack that follows the blow

Particles ignited
Burning fragments fly
Spewed out of the cauldron
Ejected in the sky

Enormous eruption
Vaporizing lakes
Massive streams of lava
Globe destroying quakes

Outpouring magma
Molten stone and dissolving gas
Solide, suspended crystals
All covering layers of ash
Grand megacaldera
Last of all catastrophies
Explosions resulting
In climatic abnormalities
Rapid glaciation
Aerosols obscuring the sun
Dramatic snowfall goes on
Major crop failures
Starvation on a tremendous scale
In eternal winter
Mankind's survival will fail