As The Story Ends

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Closed in a shell
Thin line of my hell
Cannot find my way
Cannot find my faith
Starless, Bible Black
All is said and done
Nothing said is new
Nothing said is true
Nothing without you

As the story ends
I know the pain
As the story ends
I know the shame

Dum Spiro Spero

I was destroyed and rebuilt by a chance without my will.
Let’s call it grim of fate.
I went deep into the meaning of humanity. I have found the real grief and sadness. I have forget about other people. I’ve found a real solitude. Now sorrow and misery grow like nothing ever before. I hope to be missed in this unending seasons of darkness.

From purity and from light
With rapture and delight

Look at this innocent little girls. The flowers they carry had once been mine. I’ve lost them. When I had to lie. I should be with them to die innocent. From darkest skies dead birds falls. The pain never stops as I remember. Beauty is fragile as we are immortal. Now I see.

From purity and from light
I can show you a start of life

I want some place to hide far away from dark side. Falling, drowning, deeper and forever I become a pathetic being. I seek a peace in bottom of my heart, I cannot find a life in it. I look for mercy in my soul, I’ve sold it years ago.

Cover me with your arms
Beauty now has endless time
Babies lift up to the sky
Can you share with me your life?

Take me under your wings.
Find me a place in your little world.
I’ll try to not destroy it.
I can promise

Take a care of me.
If you’re not afraid
What you see.

You can make a water clear
You can make a dream so real
You can go through the hell
As you breathing beside me
You can hear the nature sing
You can take what life brings
You can go outside your shell
As you breathing beside me

But you could be cruel
When I need you
Why can’t you see
I need also some safety
I’m lost without you
Nonsense but true
Be with me
Take what I can give
All deconstruct me
When you’re without me
I hope you’ll call
Before I fall
Believe in yourself
Go outside your shell
And be to me
A Man which I need

I can go through the sky
I can believe that I’ll not die
I can make infidels cry
As you breathing beside me
I can win every war
I can carry the weight of words
I can create for us a new worlds
As you breathing beside me

Darkness falling
Gate is closing
Feelings and heart
Are handicapped
All what’s around me
All who I see
The gathering of brainless being
It’s so simple to defeat
When there’s nothing more to see
I couldn’t find
A way outside
Help me tame
My chaos mind
lead: Sezmoth

lead: Shadock

Come to me in my dreams
Hair of sun, skin of milk
What misery life brings
When only angels, not you, I see

lead: Sezmoth

lead: Shadock