As We Roll

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-Krayzie Bone-Intro-
Blaze it yup. This is for the weedheads, the weedheads.Yup yup (Tell em). This is what we need here, to get weeded.

-Krayzie Bone-Chorus-
As we roll (Roll), blowin on indo (Indo)/ Top drop, feelin the wind blow, yea/ We can smoke the whole quarter pound but ain't knowin/ Smoke it blunt for blunt around the clock I got my choke on

-Krayzie Bone-
Where about my weed smokaz at? My green leaf chokaz at? If you raised up your hand, go ahead and smoke a sack/ Don't hold back/ Been puffin trees ever since a nigga was nineteen/ Fell in love when I seen green could help me write and sing/ I never forget the day my nigga Layzie came home from school/ Said he had got a drug from my dude, some Puerto Rican fool/ (Ooh) "You wanna smoke?", he said/ I said, "Yea" ain't never tried it before but you know, what the hell


Autor(es): Krayzie Bone

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