As We Speak

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Everyday struggle for freedom and for peace
Will smash humanity for it's unreal habits
With every battle there comes death
A world torn between triumph and loss
Insulted by information and manipulated by look
Infiltrated by your leaders and used as their weapon
The orders we follow implant deadly seed
That splits us apart like jackyl & hide
The ghouls are implanted through power and lust
To empower the weak to rise as we speak
To rise as we speak
As we speak I face my ghouls of my resistance
Will fight your seeds
Indoctrinated As we speak ! Everybody is stuck within a system, no matter what kind.
Even the most independent gatherings have rules and leaders.
With every news we get, with every step we take there is information we got indoctrinated.
As for people in a more educated and democratic world, we are still capable to judge whether it's good or bad.
And yet we cannot avoid to get indoctrinated by information
that manipulate us to act a certain way.
We all have a two sides in us.
We all like to good and the bad.
It just shows in different ways.
As varied as humans are, as many faces the devil has.
We need to overcome our indoctrination code and be aware that we have to stand for our own beliefs.
We should base the laws and systems on being aware of our own demon.
The demon of greed, power and lust...

Autor(es): Cataract