As You Sleep So Peacefully

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As you sleep so peacefully,
So innocent and new
I keep thinking of the future
Joys will share with you.
Though you are the sweetest baby
Lying here so helplessly,
When I hold you in my arms,
I wonder what you'll grow to be.

Your toothless mouth
Will soon need braces,
I will watch you as you grow;
As time goes by and you get older,
I'll embarass you I know
Maybe you will be a Nazi,
Maybe you will paint your hair,
Wear chains and spikes around your neck,
Drop out of school and smoke and swear.

Maybe you will join a cult
Where members chant and dance and sing
And come to disavow your parents
Who refuse enlightening.
Maybe you will buy a Harley,
Shave your head and get tattooed;
Maybe you will one day like us
And visit when you're in the mood

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