Andre Nickatina

Ate Miles From The City Of Dope

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-andre nickatina
Its been a cold winter
That means heat for a real sinner
Who wanna live like a bread winna
I fly low like a blind bird
They say on the way to heaven man you chauffered
I think i wear white cash mear coat if its 20 below
I only live 8 miles from the city of dope
I sport that perry ellis
Girl you should hang when the god wear it
You get the smell like you in paris
I see numbas like im playin bingo
I like to mingle wit a sexy single
I turn your mind into a straight casino
Im not a witness like jahova
Get the cush or get the doja cut the optimo
Ganja roll it over

We cop and blow
Its to and fro we cop
Stacks of cash
Im sittin there with deep thoughts
Trippin off all the time wasted on weak spots
Nickel and diming while rhymin on the beat box
Everything happend for a reason
Shrook while its hot like a cook i reheat it
All day bay bridge and get it how i live it
Its one more day closer to this next digit
Cant stop now im a mash for the rash
With this open casket
Or your burn my ashes
Knowing long lasting
This life is real
And now im living fast wit no time to kill

-andre nickatina
I give a toast to the rhyme wave
Its the religion to the crime way
You get your hustle on in 5 days
Its like wonderbread so fresh
It got freaks looking for a style on map quest
I spin a charlots webb a silk screen and interior designs
I like to watch a nickel turn into a dime and prime time
Rap cats see the 7th sign
Spit the game to your heart soul in your mind
It was crackin like pastachio's
Like robert reveren this a natural
In the fast lane its faster hoe
I pop buck like a pop quiz
The ghetto steal for the rocks kid
You'll get knocked out your socks kid
About 4 to 5 blocks kid
The homies poppin on your knock kid
I stand still like a statue
But at the same time run with a pack too
I whoop a lasso run threw the castle
Money on the dash yo
And nyc jumpin in the cab yo
I fly low like a blind bird
They say in heaven man you chauffer
If you prefer

Its like im beneath the underdog
Really live long wit paintin such a beautiful song
The coke game and everythings a dolla sign
And we focus straight ahead thats the bottom line
This is my statement reverse the hatred
If bay love the area i was raised in
Givin the song lace with
Instincts impulse react and in sync
Give me hell indo
Make it go pop everything el second
Stretch out the clock ima live out every second
See my moma cry everytime that she stressin
Mess wit my mind cant understand the message
Time is of the essence betting i cant fall forward
Aint to long till i can really say im all yours
Im gon change play it off with the giggle
Man until then i still split it down the middle
This is how we livin

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