Atrocities Of War

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The epic battle of good versus evil has begun
Now its time to reign in sin, with this mighty war
Armageddon is now upon us
The dark serpent claims his rightful throne
As the earth has become hell
See the christians fall in defeat
The mightiest black legion
Now we will praise hell, as we now see god fall
Bound in chains
Hear the screams echoing in endless midnight
Darkness now embraces your life
Angels in heaven, they will cry
As the beloved god now dies
Blessed are the warlords of hell
They destroyed their enemies
Holding their swords up high
The demise of christians
The end of god, the beginning of satan's reign
Hail satan one and all, for it is his world
Blood of christians is on our hands
Their bodies desecrate the landscape
Destroying all that your adore
Unholy atrocities of war
[solo: blackthorn]
[solo: valac]
[solo: blackthorn]
[solo: valac]
[solo: blackthorn]
[solo: valac]

Autor(es): Dan Valachovic

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