Atta Girl

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Cathy's part :
Yeah I always act so dumb
seem to fuck things up for fun
just can't stop myself behaving
like my head needs rearranging

i loved you a bit too much
yeah but shouldn't you be touched?
Seems that all i try to do
Is thrown back in my face by you

Why do you need other friends?
All those boys have their own ends
You just flirt and stay out drunk late
Till Im hurt and feel such dumb hate

i loved you from when we met
that's a night i won't forget
you came up i was so shy
i spilled my drink and almost cried

then after we'd been in love
for a year you'd had enough
Upped and left and walked out on me
Who's have guessed you'd turn out so mean?

What did I ever get from you?
Not enough to see me through
Never ever love enough
For confidence to make me tough

Honey please come back I miss you
yeah come here so i can kiss you
and i know you wanted this too
oh no please come back or i'll die
do you want to make a girl cry
or at least can't you tell me why?

You keep treating me like a fucking idiot
But I love you too much
O I don't know

Amelia's part
When you act so hopeless
Hopelessly in love
In fact I forget
Forget you're grown up
No I could never live up to all your dreams
I don't have to be cute right through and
Can't you concentrate on something other than me?

Cos I'm not yours
And never will be now
You've shown me how you are
If I speak to another
Oh can't you see
You've shown me how you are
You're jealous and how far
You tried so hard to smother

When we met
I thought that
that you were my dream
but yet it now seems
seems you turned out mean
how did you ever deserve so much from me?
I don't need you or your attitude and
Can't you just forget now that you ever met me?

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