At the megaplex

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There's a horror show at the megaplex
Minutes to go but I'm not ready yet
Nothing goes with these shoes
And my keys don't seem to want me to find them
I'm gonna miss the action
Already too late for the coming attractions
All the good seats
And all the good boys
Will be taken

New shirt and a silver tongue
Old moves work good on a girl this young
I'm missin' all the fun
Stay home think about goin' out
So here's to absent fiends
And no one to unbutton my jeans
I'm missin' the movie show
Stay home think about makin' out

There's a bunch of kids at the disco
I'm stayin' home with tonsitlitis
Ice cream, vitamins, cold tea
And a bad mood
It was a double feature
Night of the ghouls
And the creature walks among us
Ans what's more I won't get no tongue tonight

Autor(es): Doc Horror

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