At The Ringing Of The Siren

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I see how you live
you're so positive in your purpose, your being
While I walk alone, lost in the unknown
with nothing to hold onto
And I can't help it, I can't stop it, this constant questioning
Now I'm getting tired

So are we reborn? Does life go on? Does this life go on?
Faith now fading for you, so please renew, now please renew

Evidence, you forgot to mention
must exist if we are not to question this devotion
2000 years, on and on and counting
Falling tears, these questions still are mounting
Why are we here?

Proclaim, insist, the reason we exist, then leave us with no reason
The book I hold, the stories that are told, cannot refute the sceptic
So I call your name, I'm questioning these claims
Please give me your rebuttal
Does life go on when the body's gone? At the ringing of the siren
Hear the ringing of the siren

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