Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Bearer Of Blackest Might

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Ye enter - bearer of blackest might!

Gustiness upon sacred soil.
Their savior recourse where
Chants of subservient parasites resound.

This hallow wooden truss gnashing,
As venerable gates violently open.

Behold your scraggy redemption countenance,
Bestriding an expectorating beast,
Claws upholding hell glistering bane,
The body covered in putrid shrouds.

They're chanting their last hymn,
Reciting their final prayer,
Permit the secrets of heaven to be revealed.

As your praise and yearning is infinite,
Your path shall be paved - in eternal darkness embedded
By the fire of the uphold torch.

Ye enter - bearer of blackest might!

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