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Lurking in the dark I’m hiding
Watching from afar
The ones who try to hunt me down

I won’t run away
But my own life can’t be replaced
Beware, I’m turning things around

Been stabled in my back but
No one has hit my pride
You can’t foresee
The strength I have inside

Cause I’m a beast
And I’m a fighter
Still you try
To bleed me out
But you won’t
Bring me down

I’m running through the fire

All your jealousy
And all this rage will make
You weak
And I’ll be waiting
For my time

You know I have no feat
It’s in my eyes, so crystal clear
Watch out, the victory
Will be mine

You won’t see me fallen
Even If I am crawling
I’ll keep hanging on

Autor(es): Bruno Bessa,Tommy Love

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