Baphomet (Alemanha)


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Doesn't matter who it is
They placed on the scenes
Like the greatest new "Big Thing"
Really for sure their music rules
Everywhere present but we come
From different schools
Played up and down by MTV
You got to have this, without you cannot be
They push it inside the people's heads
Just to make money of the latest shitty crab

Welcome inside to the world of lies
Pass your entry
Give us your money and we rip you off
We're industry

Tell me your opinion what you think
Do you believe this story to the end
You never see who holds the strong
They are surely not "real" and they ever gonna stink

Attitude - they have just a plastic attitude
Attitude - do you like created attitudes?

Just one big hit will be enough
To put them on top and save their bank accounts
It's just a fake but will you care
Trends are for assholes do you want to join them there
In this so called industry
Lies more of fooling that you never will believe
Rockstars can hardly play "their" songs
I'm sick and tired of watching this go on

They tell you what's good
Cause they know that you are
Too dumb for own opinion
They dictate the charts
And if you're not trendy
You can never ever get far
They make fuckin' videos
To get all the rest
TV generation too dumb to see

They always say
"It's just my own taste"
But I say fuck you anyway
I wish there'd be more
Who just gonna care
Where music comes from and will remain
I keep on in warning, and if I will stay
All by my own and day

Attitude - where is your attitude?

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