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Here's a chance to demonstrate our gratitude to you
On your birthday, on your birthday,
Give a bit of credit where a lot of credit's due
On your birthday, on your birthday

We're grown-up people now
But still we say
It's you who showed us how
And led the way
And so we thank you, ?auntie? of renown,
And let you know that we shall never let you down

Who's the family relative to whom we owe the most?
It's our ?auntie?, dearest ?auntie?.
Ev'rybody rise und raise your glasses in a toast:
Here's to ?auntie?, here's to ?auntie?

History was in the making when you came along
On your birthday, on your birthday.
Fifty years of age today and still you're going strong
On your birthday, on your birthday

Even though you're fifty years old, your kids still can see
You were great, you were great.
So congratulations, ?auntie?, all the best, and ?cheers!?
And we all say ?happy birthday?

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