The Foreign Exchange


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I could confess that you're not enough
And that with others you must share
But when I've reached for you in night
I know you wouldn't be there
I could all my thoughts to you
The darkest corners of my heart
But would you praise me for my honesty
Or would you depart?

I don't know where I should be
This game we play is killing me
She's all that I could dream,
But she tears me apart
She wants me to feel her need
She begs for authenticity
You don't want truth from me
You just want what you want

If you could see into the future, love
And all the help we haven't stored
Would you agree to sail with me
Or just remain on the shore?
Just remain on the shore
Get what you're waiting for!

You asked me for the whole truth
But for that you're not prepared
Refuse to be your enemy, your fantasies of despair
You just want what you want

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