Dawn Richard


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How'd I get stuck living like this
Picture fucking perfect stepford wife
Assembled to fit your design.
There used to be a heart in here
Tell me how could anything survive
My parts are made of steel, ooh
Like a tin-man, I played the part
I wage my heart I feel so artificial when I'm loving you
I can't, I can't
'Cause I'm nothing kind of gush that gonna let you go with you
That gonna let you do that

Sorry if you think, if you think I'm automatic
Fucking with the wrong toy no batteries included
Tryin to turn me on 'cause you think I'm operatic
Treat me like a droid 'cause you think I'm automatic
Enjoy 'cause you think I'm automatic
Play me like a toy cause you think I'm automatic
Auto automatic, 'cause you think I'm automatic
Auto automatic, 'cause you think I'm automatic yeah

You called me your price possession
Showed me off like I'm your trophy case
Told me to do what you say, oh
I let you fuck up my vision
With the world in as a colder place
You had my heart, I swear it babe oh wow
Boy you don't love it
Turn my heart into your worst nightmare
Shut me down, down with your program
Switch em off I wanna be human yeah human
Again I give anything to recognize my own self
I can, I can anything to recognize my old thing
System overloaded 'cause I know that I can feel that

[Chorus x2]

Trade in this armor for a piece of reality oh
Cause under this metallic girl, there's a human being
Won't be a toy no more, boy fuck your technology
I'm done now, I'm shuttin' out
Cause I'm not the kind of chick that's gonna let you go and do that


I don't give a thing about you
I'm a do em you gonna do you
I ain't automatic
So let's be true
So let's be true


I don't give a fuck about you
I'ma do me, and you gon' do you
I ain't automatic, so a bitch through
So a bitch through