Frankie Valli


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Put your loving hand out,baby
I'm begging
(Begging) begging
Put your loving hand out baby
(Begging) begging
Put your loving hand out baby
Riding high when was king
Player it hard and fast
Cause I had everything
You walked away ,won me then
But easy come and out,baby
I need you to understand
Tha I tried so hard
to be your man
The KIND of man you want in the end
Only then can I begin to live again
An empty shell I used to be
Shadow of my life is hanging over me
Broken man without a throne
Wont even stand the devils dance
To win my soul
(Begging)begging you
Won't you give your hand out , baby
Put your loving hand out , baby

Autor(es): Bob Gaudio / Peggy Farina / Richard Fariña

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