The Faceless

Autotheist Movement II: Emancipate

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An atrophied frame by an impotent rapture sustained
A god you will truly never see
"Thou shalt" unfurling in the wind
Rising above with an "I will"
The shrouded impulse of your self preservation
A flash of the fearful wickedness inside
Phantoms dreamt to life by the desperately lost
Despisers of life bound in other worldly hopes
Voices from above
Mere delusions of shame and guilt
Say goodnight to the voices in your head
You never heard them anyway
You might just be insane
I ascended carrying ashes
Upon my descent I carry my fire through the valleys
It's radiance outshines the wicked light
The sleepers are awakening with the falling of the sun
Casting the darkness into light
"Into a god's mask your dreadful coiling snake has crawled"
Now unsurp the throne and possess creation
"Thou shalt" unfurling in the wind
Rising above with an "I will"
A purified mind
In the death of lies becomes alive
Extinguishing the fires of hell.

Autor(es): Geoffrey Ficco / Michael Keene

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