Autumn Enigma

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When everything is falling down
and going backwards - turning chaotic
I feel the whispers of the darkest night
enclosing to me insanity
I feel and see the world getting enthralled
in secrecy, with misery
When the leaves are falling to the ground
The silent enigma of autumn

Cry those thousand tears
cause autumn has arrived
We are heading for the darkest hours in our lives
Whispers are flying like leaves in the air
the storm is soon to come
Looking at the shadow-dance
I feel the pain inside of me

I see the water freezing, reflecting
the moonlight from the sky
Tonight is the night when promises fail
and its failure is the sign of human deception

Cold is the autumn enigma
so wide and precious
but still so unknown
So beautiful and cruel
it never stops to fascinate me
when it screams out my name
Cold is the dark autumn enigma
there is no answer to its might

Can you feel the process of dying?
The sun has disappeared from the crimson sky
Bleakness engraves its picture
in the depths of our souls
Sometimes I wish I could sleep it all away
Walking in an endless silence
where I find myself in gloom
Is this enigmatic season the end of us?

I know there is no way of turning back
We're all trapped in a prison
In the grace of confusion
they've seen the coming of darkness
You know there'll be no brighter day

Forever caught in its claws
The winds are blowing in the night
that doesn't have an end

The key that leads to the world of wonders
is buried somewhere far away
The search is all in vain
it will never be found again

The key that leads to the world of wonders
is buried somewhere far away
The answer lies in the dark autumn enigma
Eternally unknown to man

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