Autumn's Fall

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So here the time comes again when i can't see you for awhile
And it hurts everyday when i'm away
How will i know when i'm in love with you
Just ask the stars and they'll tell me some day
'cause you're what i think about when i see heaven, it's you...

All of these things have gone wrong in winter
And i just can't wait for summer to come back again
All the good things and experiences i had with you
Is there something that i'm missing, could it be i'm not thinking about anything other than you

You mean more and more to me sara, you're like a dream come true
And i fall asleep every night, with your eyes staring at me from beneath the sheets
Shows me that you care and i just wanna lay here and talk for hours with you

So here it comes, the year and season of autumn's fall
And how it can make everything seem worth your while

Your eyes are grand auroras in my sky
I never want to leave night or day
So pluck this night from the sky and you will see that it's my lucky star
Now put it in your hair and carry me with you till the end of time

So come a little closer only to feel the warm breeze through your hair
The things that i'll do and the things that i'll say, to keep me from being lonely