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Avast of frustration cold bloody confrontation
Rebel against twisted suffering consolidation
Avast! of my conscience masturbation!
While I'm still kept under the guillotine
Without hearty spark of life
Really downcast
Through my anguished eyes
By daylight paralyzed
But this hypnosis is over now!
You know why I'm always sad
The time put the rope around my neck
I need some rest from this coldest lament
Nothingness rapes me, destroying me!
But if I'm only dreaming?
My body cannot feel and even move
I need a heat to recharge my spine...
I'm cleaning my sanity now
It's shock! draws to a close
For my burden of life my holocaust
I'm scratching out my eyes for condemnation and my forlorn life
I revenge on myself
Nothing is left to care
Even freedom it's been torn apart
Will I ever be able to say stop! for this mortality now?
Enslaved in scattered grief, mouldy piece of ruin
My silence is echo forever
Am I left to rot?
This is tragic damnation
I dwell under a spell
Darkness my promise - my remedy is scared!

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