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Suddenly he woke up.
Darkness and silence are around.
It's such a stillness that he hasn't heard
of even during that profound dream.

The darkness is eating his eyes up,
the lungs are compress because
there isn't enough air,
the crams in his muscles don't let him move

how can a man stand that?
"Where am I now?" "Am I sleep?"
"Is It Reality?" "Is it death?"
"No Is It Life." "But where am ?"
I can hear a sound.
And dream comes back.

When he was getting weaker,
he woke uponlyat night
there was deep stillness
and gloom around him.
However, the slightest noise
scared him and he fell asleep again.

Then he began waking up more often,
but there was the same darkness around him.
There was no air.

It was panic.
He took a deep breath
and uttered a cry, a wail,
appeared from the most dreadful dream
in a death struggle.
A sound! What a sound up there!
They have heard him.
They know, they know.

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