Hoodoo Gurus

Be My Guru

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I know wath`s going down before it even happens.
I`m the smart boy in town,be it here or Manhattan.
I`m a guru,I`m a Hoodoo Guru.
I`m yours - will you be mine too?
Be my Guru.

We make no bones at all,we`re making a dint
And in no time at all you hearts we will win.
It`s a gift we offer you:our music.
Be polite - accept it,don`t refuse it.
I`m yours - will you be mine too?
Be my guru

We will grow our hair.Yeah,Yeah,Yeah!
We got nice glothes to wear.Yeah,Yeah,Yeah!
Yeah,Yeah,Yeah!(We No square!)

Autor(es): David Faulkner / James Baker

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