Mc Chris

Bench Warmer

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MC Chris (answering machine recording): Yo, wassup, this is MC, uh, I'm chillin' at the track, tryin' to make some money- call me back, 2136-4640. Wanna gimme a hit- gimme a hit. Kizzat.

Answering machine: You have one new message.

John Bowie: Hey Chris, it's Bowie, uh, I'm at the Pathstation... I was wondering if I could crash on your couch, would that be cool? They locked me out of my apartment.
Um... so call me back, man, there's a payphone here, some kid stole my cellphone, but the joke's on him cause Sprint shut it off... uh... just come by the station, alright?
I'm gonna be sleeping on one of the benches.