Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Baby It's You

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Whatever happened to the girl
Who let me write my name
In her tattoo
Do you remember hiding out with me
In theatre number two

Can you believe
That I don't even recall
If we ever kissed

I still have your sweatshirt
I still have your records
I still have those tapes you'd made
Of all your favorite songs
But I just can't quite bring myself
To put em on

And maybe it's too late for that now

I still have the letter you wrote
Sitting on my steps
Waiting for me to come home
On the night
That I did not come home
And I still have the letter where you said
Those words I'd waited for
Since the day we met

Maybe it's too late for that now
Maybe I fucked it all up somehow
But I wrote my name on your arm in blue
Baby it's you

Autor(es): Owen Ashworth

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