Bill Anderson

Baby's Blue Again

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Lord you know she's packing up her clothes and telling me one more time it's the end
But you and I Lord we know she'll never go it's just that baby's blue again
[ choir ]
It happens Lord everytime before it rains
When the sky turns green and leaves tumble in the wind
Most folks about would think that she's insane but it's just that baby's blue again
(Baby's blue again) oh Lord and I can't even help her
All I can do is just wait until the clouds're all blown away
Cause I know that just as soon as the sun comes up and stars shinin' again
Baby's gonna come runnin' back to me she's gonna tell me that she wants to stay
[ choir ]
It's been like this since that storm in '62
That took the lives of Mary Jo and little Dan
So Lord we know what baby's going through and it looks like baby's blue again

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