Back By Midnight

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back by midnight
i'll let you in on something
you may have noticed by now
i don't object to seclusion
or let misgivings grind me down
but there's a turmoil this evening
it's been lingering since you left
found its way inside my bones
and now it's heating up the rest

i've been known to keep myself composed
or that's what i've always supposed
but i'm not so sure today
if you could see all the stuff i kept inside
the flesh may sleep but i'm alive
in spirit anyway

i've been talking to jesus
my fingers tightly crossed
so if he's not on call this evening
at least i might restrict the loss
it wouldn't be the first time
that i've been put to shame
i don't make any illusions
but it's hard to drop the reins


i hope tonight you'll make your way back here
sometimes you're everything that i hold dear
i hope you'll be back by midnight
i hope you'll be home soon