Short Stack

Back Of My Head

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Back of my head.

It's a late night, and he comes home
He thinks of her, she's all alone
Watching tv by an open window, he wonders if she knows he thinks only he knows,
But the days are passing, and he thinks she'll forget, so he keeps it all here in the back of his head.

Shadows on the wall who mock me make a false sense of security,
Think a deep thought and i try to compare,
My lonely heart to yourse, so you know that i'm there
But the days are passin, and the fire is dead, so we keep it all here in the back of your head.

Are you out there? are you anywhere?
Just say goodbye just like in my nightmare,
Are you lost without me, swear your better off dead
You should keep it all here in the back of your head

I remember that we had no structure,
A lonely park that night i wish i fucked her
Looked to your eyes can't remember wether or not that i wish this night would last forever
Now the story is ending
And things are better not said
So we keep it all here in the back of your head

Autor(es): Andrew Clemmenson / Bradie Webb / Shaun Diviney

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