The Bear Quartet

Bad On The Halo

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Mobile sky watch me whistling supine
On the bank of the river
Had a strange dream:
Too much to carry around
I stood beside myself
Where giving up seems like a good idea
I stood beside myself
But i've forgotten where

No hellos hang up in this air, that's ok
And a well-known monologue blows
Through the clothes that i wear
All the things i could have loved whines monotone
Everything i almost loved shines monochrome

Stupid time watch me supine
Had a bad dream:
Leaves tied summers to the ground
All the wrong ones were smiling
Stood outside my door heard footsteps
Slow and mean across the floor
No i don't want to confront my home
Everything's on loan
Too close to what i've done wrong

Every hour's part of a well-known monologue
That devours everything i could have loved
Everything i could have loved shines monotone
Even the apathy's on loan, shines monochrome

Autor(es): The Bear Quartet

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