Cathy Davey

Bad Weather

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Bad weather on the line getting between me and mine
I think he's mad at me and it's only a matter of time
My baby's all ready for the heat but I'm not so ready for the burn
So cry gull away (?) as he tries to explain that our weather has taken a turn

Summer is fine blues skies are divine but don't keep the clouds at bay
Bad weather will keep us together if only in a cloudy way

Your rattle is melody and drive, sweeter than honey to my ear
Oh don't disappear lay away without fear and then maybe we'll call it a day
Baby's patient but running out of time and i'm running right out of tears
Oh you can be sure we'd be crying much more if your rattle wasn't all i could hear

Summer is swell, high corn and bluebell but I won't bid the rain good day
Bad weather is oh so much better than having the blues to stay

I do not need no barometer to read what conditions we have in store
Bad weather be a friend and let me pretend he loves me again as before