Barefoot In December

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I couldn't do it the longest time.
I had to wait un- -til - winter returned.
In the summer, couldn't make you mine.
The mem'ries started - oh - they'd only burn.

I couldn't get the ice in my veins.
I couldn't get to - that day-ay-ay.
And when I did, couldn't get it to stay.

Now I finally feel the cold.
I feel it coming.
Gotta get it into my soul.
I feel it numbing.
I think of you and I feel the cold.
I try to imagine
We're still together, you're mine to hold,
And then it happens.

I'm barefoot in December next to you. (x4)

I'm over life in the present tense.
I'm moving backward - yeah - backward to you.
Going crazy? No, I'm making sense.
If nothing else does - so? - I'm going to.

I've gotta send the chill down my spine.
I've gotta capture - your sigh-igh-igh.
Gotta get you in front of my eyes.

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