Jay Farrar


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Anyone caught speaking Esperanto
Is thought crazy or headed for [D]jail
There's peace in the wilds of West Texas
Where the sun and the [C]sky pre[G]vail

[G]Don't take notice of the rising waters
Don't take notice where rivers run [D]dry
They'll be digging through the landfills
To find evidence of [C]our great dem[G]ise

There's a [C]changing pattern before us
And the past tells the story quite [G]well
By the [D]time we make it to Barstow
We'll be more than [C]halfway to [G]hell

INSTRUMENTAL BREAK: (over chorus chords)

Waves of adverts that promise revival
Trinketware that batters the brain
The Devil bought the key to Branson
Drives a backhoe and wears a gold chain

Now we're living in the ending time frame
Bets in Reno are all the human race
Woke up in another test market
With a new headache filter in place

Autor(es): Jay Farrar

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