Beat Of A Different Drum

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When i was a younger lad
They said follow me
Imgaine all the peace you'll find in conformity
Now that im older,
Im more self-assured
I march to a beat of a different drum
A beat you've never heard.

Dont need a leader im not a sheep
And i will never succumb
Ill always march to a different beat.
The beat of a differet drum.

You can lead a horse to water
But u cant make him drink,
U can lead a human by the nose
But you cant make him think
I may be lost sometimes
But ill never follow anyone
Ill always march to the beat
The beat of a differnet drum

You say that we're cliche,
Just passing trend
I say ur afraid of our beat,
Afraid to be our frend

I'll stand and fight, i wont run
Never go out of style
I'll lead the pack, wont fall back
I'll go the extra mile

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