Natalia Kills


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The lights
They're beautiful
The lights
They're beautiful
The public
The lights

This life, should nails you first in the eyes
Can I taste this perfection every time?
Can't hide, I've got to find the thrill that caused me
I can't lie, I lost that echo love
I might die without the neon aeration
And I know nothing in the night can stop me

Under the lights (oh oh)
Camera (oh oh-oh)
We're beautiful, beautiful

I love, the touch of your adoring hands
Above, the
The rush, I'd rather leave is my addiction (diction, diction)
The screams, release me from this cage of...

Will make these moments a... Of history

It's how you make me feel
All eyes are on us tonight
Don't leave the movie screens
Cause you and me