Beautiful Beautiful Banjo

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I had a wife named Lilly and I did love her really
But her love for me grew chilly she called me a no good hillbilly

Well now beautiful beautiful banjo
Beautiful a beautiful a banjo beautiful
A beautiful banjo I'll never pick guitar again

My second wife's name was Mazie she said I wish you'd get a job
That pickin' is a drivin' me crazy you no good banjo pickin' slob

Well now it's a beautiful beautiful banjo...

Now let's all gather round and modulate right into the microphone
You ready a humm

[ banjo ]
Wait a minute that key ain't on this particular banjo
Hey ho eh let's try another key for it
Wait a minute why even a tone deaf hillbilly knows better than that
Hargus would you would you give me the right key

[ piano ]
Just one more time

[ piano ]
I got it

My third wife's name was Annie the love that we knew was uncanny
But our love fell flat on it's fanny when she kicked my old banjo

Well now it's my a beautiful beautiful banjo...

You know she just kicked the skin right off of it
Broke my G strings it ruined things oh I love that Hershel
Once more with a great gusto

Beautiful a beautiful beautiful banjo...

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