Beautiful day

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Could it be the joke's on us
75 degrees and it's just the end of winter
She says we've got all we need
To go outside and sit right down and paint a picture

One more day to be alive
One more good day to survive
One good day put your glasses on
Protect yourself from the midday sun
It's one more beautiful day
And it's one more beautiful day to survive

Don't forget to put your screen on
No I don't care if I burn to the ground today
I'm sick and tired of shades of grey and brown
Gonna put this brim hat on
Just to be cool
Not as a rule as a hoot
Cause you're born naked
And you go out with a suit and if you're lucky


I see people in the streets and they're all smiling
Underneath the ozone skies
We've got one more mountain to climb
One more river to cross
I can't seem to find myself by
Yes, I'm going outside
Let's take a, lets take a ride

No one's gonna break my stride
Or bruise my pride
Or bring me down today
Sick and tired of shades of white and grey
She says we've got all we need
Gonna sit right down over there and paint a picture
You're born naked
And you go out with a suit and if your lucky


Love you to put your brim hat on casey

--Nick Lloyd (1953-1996 "You're born naked and you go out with a suit...
if you're lucky"--

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