Because My Steps Are Slow

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Like the rain that falls endlessly
You fall deep into my heart
Like countless grains of sand
You fill up my heart

the lonely days, the held back tears
I will place them in memories and send them off with a smile

because my steps are slow, because my heart is slow
Though you were so close for me to touch, i went around so far
That’s why it hurts and that’s why i long for you
You’re my love, who makes me tear even when i smile

though time stops, though my heart stops
Like a lie, you will live in my arms again
I love you as much as you make my heart beat

Please smile, give me your tears
Because that is my happiness

There won’t be one again, not even if i die,
Even if i vomit up my heart – a person to take your spot
I love you as much as you make my heart beat