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What them niggas in here wanted to know
They done made beef with one of the realest niggas rollin
Now it's time to go

Now pump me up so all them real niggaz can feel me
I told y'all what I represent and that's until they kill me
Why these niggas play with me I guess I never know the answer
Well beefin with Mac is like sleepin with lung cancer
You know you gon die, you don't know where
You don't know when, you don't know nothin
But that nigga was camoflauged with a mac 10
I remember y'all faces, I remember the days I remember the times
I remember I was in the mall and this nigga just wasn't
respectin my
I knew the nigga he was with and the nigga he was with was
tellin him
This nigga continued, this nigga couldn't be for real
I never said a word, cause TRU niggas don't be yappin
He must take me for some kind of hoe, cause I be rappin
I look in his eyes and seen the daddy was really soft
Either he just full of that shit, or just tryin to get his nuts
However, whatever, I don't give a fuck, you done played with the
Now asks yourself, do you really wanna sleep nigga

Chorus: 2X
We got beef
All my niggas gon ride tonight
We got beef
Somebody's gon die tonight
We got beef
Don't even sleep
Soon as I leave the studio, I'll be headed to your street nigga

I was by my potnahs house peepin out these beats that he made
Just chillin, free stylin, just thinkin about some ways to get
Some new nigga he came around and I never met him
Get close to me, I don't even know why these niggas let him
For some strange reason, he never looked me in my eyes
When he spoke he ducked his head, or just yapped to one of them
And we was outside talkin, I was lettin him peep out my new
I walked away for one second, when I came back he started
Look, I thought nothin of it, I just continued to yap and talk
But when I went to go get my shit, I had realized my shit had
What the fuck? Who the fuck got a ride? Look show me his spot
If I see this nigga with my shit, this nigga gon get got
But the Lord must love the wicked too, cause I had never seen
his face
But you best believe when I catch him, him and my bullets they
Forgive me for my anger, I'm a product of the streets
And I was taught that you never ever ever sleep with beef, peace


We got beef
When you beefin with them No Limit niggas, it's like beefin with
When you beefin with Master P nigga, that's like beefin with me
When you beefin with the Shocker, that's like beefin with me
Nigga, when you beefin with C-Murder, that's like beefin with me
When you beefin with any nigga on the tank, that's like beefin
with me
And you know what I do to niggas that beef with me