Behind My Painted Smile

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Behind my painted smile when all the revolutionary noise is nothing but a lost little boy,confused and insecure,arrogant and oversure egotistical prick's so come on please praise me more,It's great that my music bettered you but I contemplate murder every day so don't put me on a pedestal,Blast truly it's the vehicle the music just run's through me in my better moments I could let the universe use me

Behind my smile there's generations of pain self-hatred,ingrained miseducating my brain,Decimated the place where my dead relations where slain not just physically but mentally penetrated our veins,What you got inside hasn't gotta die once,it can die alot of time's,that I promise my son,and the lies every song that I've done - tryna fight colonialism with a colonised tounge

Here I stand again
Living in sin
Caught up,In the dream
Behind the painted smile

Behind my painted smile is the most painful grimace,the mental prison I live in cause I am so conditioned,By my privilege what a strange contradiction to grow brown in britain and know that your living,thats paid for by a carcass that resembles your's,Born in the heart of the empire your worth more than I was just like you,But less then the native one's,raised by my mum but in this world I am a father's son

Behind my painted smile,a very flawed human being,done many things that I regret and nether knew the reason,what do you believe in,truth or freedom or are you deceiving?I don't wanna die in frustration to european's,they say the answer is within you and nowhere else,understand the vision man on a mission to know himself,this is for my co-defendant's no retreat and no surrender you probably think that we don't remember,Ota Benga

The smile is painted on my face is tainted by a frown,picture in the pocket's of blood that decorate the town,trigger jum bullets sung and gun's hum
Then everyone that's dead was somebody's someone

Behind my painted smile I feel like a naked child,maybe rapping ain't for now? cos my passion's bathing out,up early though I search and roam along this dirty road just another traveler taking a long journey home
All this talk of intervention to protect on what is thee intention,same as it ever was the colonial past and present,and more respect for most of the right winger's,the paternalistic patronizing little bigot

Are way of life is so devine,we should intervene,select war and export the british dream,behind cinema screen's there's much that isn't seen george clooney war movie's never bring my children peace
AkalaYo fam,you ever wake up and just feel like fucking off,and never comming back to this place and just shutting off

All the time,almost did last year the trouble was the bleddy cop's had me running in and out the bleddy dock
AkalaI bin there brother though I don't promote it in this rapshit,I ain't a stranger to having my back on every plastic
LowkeyCan't keep us captive
AkalaSee the tactic's

LowkeyTo keep us passive
AkalaWe beat the facists
LowkeyRelease the classic's
Akala & LowkeyAnd reach the masses!