Fall of Empyrean

Behind Vacant Eyes

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A decrepit man intently stares
At the now calm lifeless horizon
While most of his memories no longer exist
There is one never fading

I was alive with youthful integrity
A cold december night
Accosted my senses whisper of the wind
Shaped my reality
Took by surprise decayed pretenses
I deciphered the meaning
To my advantage delivered false promises
Baited the trap
Deceptively clever I engaged the victim
Gained pure conviction
With deceitful lies I taught myself
To be abhorrent
Took admiration of helpless thoughts
Sufferance was comfort
Like blankets in winter a cold heart hidden
Misfortune always evident always there

Each day a new veil hiding the past
Compassion had vanished
Leaving no trace my newfound guile
Is my future
There is no shame when harm is blind
Contemplate the unknown
Whose eternal rest would always stir
A mind at ease
If only he knew his only victim
Was in the mirror
They say self-reflection is good for the soul
And cleanses the blood
But if your heart is oblivious To your grasp of life
Then the gray shadows down at your feet
Fade into black and vanish

Desolation unaware
As you look at yourself endure the pain
See the fear deep in your eyes
As you hide behind a blank disguise

A decrepit man intently stares at the now
Calm lifeless horizon
While most of his memories no longer exist
There is one never fading
You look in disbelief as you see your own life
With his tragedy
Hopeless destiny in your mind you cannot
Fight what you soon will see
Your eyes shed the tears of blood
You can't ever hide
When you see the visions behind vacant eyes

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