Jennifer Rafferty


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All the Times I tried to hide
Shied away from my own mind
The truth sometimes can break
To easy to make a mistake
Wanted to speak but not be heard
Couldnt say a single word
Would save it till another day
Then I'd always run away
Emotions change in time
But you can not rewind

When I started to believe in Me
All the words just came so easily
All the things that I had purposely hidden away
All the things that I had purposely chose not to say
Came pouring out into a song
I Guess they'd been there all along

I didn't recognise myself
A portrait of somebody else
In my heart I couldn't see, the beauty right in front of me
Always felt like second best
Live for now with no regrets
You could run and never fall
But never know someone at all

Reflections change with time
But you can not rewind


When you lose somebody who
Never knew the real you
Never knew your heart beat
inside and out, what you're all about
You'll see, the missing moments have past
life it goes by so fast
What's gone is gone
If you're a star then shine like one

You can spend life in rewind
But why waste the time

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