Bob Dylan

Poor Lazarus

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Oh, the new sheriff sent a letter,
"Go out an' get me Lazarus,
Dead or alive,
Dead or alive."

Oh, the high sheriff, then he wondered:
Where should I find him?
I don't know,
Great God, I just don't know.

Well, they found poor Lazarus
Between two mountains
An' they blowed him down,
An they blowed him down.

Oh, they killed poor Lazarus
With a mighty number,
Number 45,
Number 45.

An' they took poor Lazarus
To the commissary office,
An' they walked away,
An' they walked away.

Oh, Lazarus' his little sister
She come to the funeral,
Lord, didn't have no shoes,
Didn't have no shoes.

An' Lazarus' his poor mother
Come a-walkin' down the road,
Cryin', "My only son,
My only son."

Oh Lazarus', Lazarus' father,
When he heard his son was a-dyin',
Said, "Let the fool go down,
Let the fool go down."

"Oh Captain, have you heard the news,
Your old men are gonna leave you
Next payday,
On next payday."

Oh, the high sheriff told the deputy:
"Go out an' get me Lazarus,
Dead or alive,
Dead or alive."

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