Belzebu 2

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Answer me, it's too late to say farewell
it's too late to tell me that our lord has gone
Answer me, it's too late to find the way
But I'm always here to face another day

Back to the past, I saw a lifetime
No time to rest, no time to fly
Out in the garden, I see my hell behind
Blow up like fire, your love denied

Hit in my heaven, bring my heaven, find my heaven
Please come back to heaven, just my heaven
Faded wings that couldn't go inside our power unkown

Animals, dying or living are crying, BELZEBU
Look at him higher, jump to this fire, BELZEBU is here for you

Belzebu is an eternal way, is the boldest warrior
I'm not so brave to stand up and stay
But I'm running away Belzebu
Belzebu is the lord of night, is a dragon flying
He'll control our mind and soul
Wicked king of the world, Belzebu
and I'm running away