Baphomet (Alemanha)


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Hey, you fool what you think you're going through
Do you fail to understand
That you take your life in your own hand
What you say - the others do it anyway
What you do - go ahead and tell your truth
You think you got help
From anyone
But if it's close you'll be alone
So put yourself up on your feet
And find the others for your believe
Put your believe just in yourself
Never struggle, never fall
Give the maximum on what you think
So in the end you can give in

What you say - independence on your way
What you do - nothing left for you to do

Tell me what you please
And what you want to be
I cannot be safe - too much problems here for me
There can be no truth - of what you have to hear
I cannot ignore - I don't want to be betrayed
Betrayed, betrayed nothing more to say
Got my own philosophy
I cannot give guarantees - betrayed

People tell you
That you can trust
Neither problems are easy solved
But some different kind of fate
Keeps you ever been betrayed
What you say - you can do it anyway
What you do - life betrayed you stupid fool

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