Beyond The Mazeways To Ophidian Gnosis

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It’s blindness what your warrens became
Lest you descend to depths you can’t fathom
Fragments of Yetzirah to feed the circle
If more is less then you’ll become all

Why to embrace a dreamland perishing?
Well, I abandoned my sight so I can See
To shun the false light, Yaldabaoth
Garden of Assiah under his rule tyrannical
Cause-mos wherein the false mirror’s idol
Shall be chocked by the dimness of its own

I self trail to anti-law’s course,
As a stream to its fountain lead
As a seed that matures,
Since its roots from non matter are fed

Body of clay, body fragile,
Such shapes lie beyond your grasp
My spine like a serpent it slithers
Masked under my nature’s husk

Climbing reversed to Antichton and what stands below
Warmth coiling around my beinglessness acausal
It’s not for the blind to see my mercurial body glow!
O what a glow, For I am the Sun and the world is my shroud!

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