Beyond The Reasonable Doubt Of A Lunatic

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I love the moon, more than any sun
Every time I see the sun I have to close my eyes
But moons is kind, I can watch her now
As long as I want, and how I like
Me, moon and my shadow, Pay together for hours
Sometimes I rest, and then play and play

I can't hide it anymore, wanna be alone
You shadow, I hate your dark look
You're with me since dawn of my time, same look and smile
How can I love you with that ugly smile?

Time slowly passed me by, but you're still here
You shadow, why your sick eyes doesn't leave me alone?

You leech, if you'd go one step further
I wouldn't hate you like this
Every time I close my eyes, I dream of you
Dead, with no eyes and no mouth
Filthy visions of your smile the nightmare of truth

Stay? Away, you stay away from me
Stay? No? Away, you? no?no... Oh God

Now that I've hung myself, I can't believe you're standing by me Smiling
I smile too, but not as ugly as you?
Me, moon and my shadow, play together for hours

Autor(es): K. KIA / M. TANGSHIR